14 January 2021

His kindness never stops.

  • the rain held off and amy and i were able to walk
  • the joy and love lane brings with him everywhere he goes
  • beautiful skies declaring God's glory (no filter, no editing (other than cropping))
  • catching up on my correspondence :) 
  • another delicious meal from the living way care team (this should be on the list every.single.week.)
  • puzzling with this guy
  • having t-train here for the week
  • the loveliness of benjamincello (thanks for the introduction, molly!)
  • sweet moments between this big brother and his littlest sister
  • kindness. (i'm thankful for it...and thankful to be thinking about it and looking for it...and excited about my new t-shirt)
  • fleece lined running pants
  • all the ribbon dancing (especially when the older kids get involved)
  • sweet visit with the faircloths...and knowing they are 17 minutes away
  • laughing about "what if i walked like this"...for real laughing - abs hurting, falling to the floor laughing 
  • so much good stuff from written to speak

  • the life, love, legacy and christ-likeness of dorn davidson
  • court''s heart and love
  • sweet swinging moments (made all the better with coffee in my keep cup)
  • sleep. i really do love it.
  • dinner with the tveites! friendSHIPs continue in such lovely ways. 
  • this:
  • how it always seems to work out easily to visit with lauren
  • lambie was found! 
  • fox slippers

07 January 2021

9214 - 9234 (closer and closer to 10,000)

  • "sanctify (consecrate) yourselves...tomorrow God will work miracle-wonders among you." joshua 3:5
  • sonny's life and the letter he wrote to his family
  • lunch and games with the callows!  great way to kick of 2021
  • taking stuff to valley rescue
  • "i am jennifer james and i am here to say the LIGHT will ALWAYS overcome the darkness."
  • caroline's kindness with the littles
  • incredibly lovely personalized journal from ann marie
  • God is trustworthy
  • elephant sheets!
  • laura lane got to stay longer
  • kimberly's willingness to help make the playground picnic possible
  • lots of girls getting good outside play time
  • kids doing wii dance...always fun (and i call it exercise)
  • lazy mornings
  • the way caroline pretty much constantly pours into zoe
  • "all day long i put my hope in you" - psalm 25:5
  • "better"
  • 3 devices purposefully (and willingly) left at home 
  • peaceful dentist appointments (tyler truly is dr. awesome)
  • CFA's grace in letting us order off of the breakfast menu at 10:31
  • the news doesn't rule my life/my peace/my hope

01 January 2021

new year's eve thankful list

  • hello honks at random cars and ups trucks
  • lots of time with Laura Lane this week (and lots of laughter)

  • real life rapunzel got to visit with her dad and grandmother
  • good stuff.  it's good not to be ashamed...and to not care what people think. 
  • so much fun with stomp rockets
  • the beauty of nature/my view from the ground...something special about that blue sky
  • tears (mine and those of others).  they are valuable and precious.
  • our hope is in Him.  alone. 
  • we've successfully circled the sun one more time
  • good questions from Written to Speak
  • lots of peaceful moments (including a beautiful bedtime) with real life rapunzel
  • TIME with amy!  (the coffee and pastries were beautiful bonus!)
  • lots of fun new toys for sharing with our favorite friends
  • the perks of hosting christmas
  • fireside chats with my siblings
  • generosity through pizza (and eating cheesy bread on the long ride home)...and my favorite mask right now

25 December 2020

gifts this christmas week

  • breakfast for dinner, gifts and games with the quintards
  • bubble fun (while the little girls were napping) 

  • amazing christmas eve lunch with yaya and grandaddy
  • i just like it:
  • little girls in bike helmets running around
  • 2 drummers drumming
  • weekend with t-train
  • ugly christmas sweater cookie decorating
  • melissa mount's kind words
  • "look, mom, she's my back pack."
  • "come to us, abide with us, our Lord, Emmanuel." 
  • beautiful book...with all kinds of amazing liturgies

  • help from kiddos in cleaning the cottage
  • clever marketing
  • knowing caroline is hanging out with incredible girls
  • 2 friends hanging out on the swings (we've got swings!)
  • thoughtful christmas letters from sarah
  • fruit on sticks
  • yummy cinnamon bread from the whitts
  • red and green dot paints

17 December 2020

He's the best gift giver

  • Avett Brothers' We Americans (couldn't stop the tears the first time i heard it)
  • that some folks are capable of voting and not posting the obligatory "i voted sticker" picture (no real judgement for those who do)
  • nick's amazing birthday gift to me:

  • finally got a response from the company that hasn't sent the items i ordered (thankful for lessons learned about online shopping) 
  • 2 lovely sunsets at the beach

  • christmas light looking with the family.  lots of good lights, way to go columbus!
  • sharing the secret to the gif game
  • a new word: 
  • many hands make light work (or at least lighter work) - specifically in regards to the youth christmas dinner 
  • teamwork making the jungle jumparoo dream work.
  • maverick city's "Jesus at the Center/All Hail King Jesus" - wowzahs.  what worship. 
  • confirmation that the jungle jumparoo was indeed a good decision
  • zoe's laughter and they way she says "that's so funny" 
  • good stuff from the lectio 365 devotional 

16 December 2020

Christmas Music Listicle

Just in case you're needing some fabulous music to help you through the Christmas Season (and partially because I want to have a list of all my favorites.  Curating is key, friends.) 

curate: to collect, select and present information or items such as pictures, video, music, etc. for people to use or enjoy, using your professional or expert knowledge.

(I'm definitely using my professional and expert knowledge)

Favorite Christmas Albums (in no particular order):

  • Maverick City Music - Maverick City Christmas
  • Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn - Christmas
  • Rend Collective - A Jolly Irish Christmas, Vol. 2
  • Sleeping at Last - Christmas Collection, Vol. 1
  • Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Ella & Louis Christmas
  • Phil Wickham - Christmas AND Christmas:Acoustic Sessions
  • Jackson 5 - Christmas Album (specifically Someday at Christmas)
  • Bebo Norman - Christmas (from the Realms of Glory)
  • Allen Levi, Bebo Norman & Ed Cash - Joy
  • Relient K - Let it Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer
  • John Legend - A Legendary Christmas 

Christmas Album/Worship Experience in a category all by itself:

  • Andrew Peterson - Behold the Lamb of God

Christmas Albums I wish existed (or maybe they do and I'm just unaware)

  • Avett Brothers 
  • Chris Rice (I found one with 5 songs - Merry Chris Rice)

Future me (the one trying to remember what Christmas music you like), you're welcome. 

11 December 2020

reminders of the ways God provides

  • giggles during hide and seek
  • the time, effort, dedication caroline put into studying for blue books
  • conversation with CG ladies around the fire 
  • celebrating emma!  what a treasure. 

  • behold the lamb livestream
  • mountain of clean clothes.  a washer and dryer that work.  the people who get those clothes dirty. detergent that smells good (i was struggling to be thankful for the pile of clean clothes that i could have literally hidden in...was trying to be grateful instead of grumb-ly)
  • they finally figured out the issue with the pipes.  i really really dislike the pricetag...not sure why God would want us to spend His money that way...but i trust Him...and i'm grateful for pipes that bring clean water (hot and cold!) into our home.  
  • quotes about 2020 that i appreciate:
  • jill phillips' song "bright sadness"
  • molly's suggestion of marco's (and josh's presence/present)
  • christmas pj pictures

  • so much fun at great wolf lodge
  • sweet books to read
  • fleece lined running pants
  • lemon pepper boneless wings at shane's rib shack with my favorite wing eating partner.