22 June 2017

благодарен съм

  • 2 euro per child well spent - museum entrance fee
  • cards, notes, letters, good-bye book
  • kids in the candy shoppe
  • picnic in the park
  •  games with josh & katie
  • pizza with esther & laurin (x's 2) (bonus: the delivery guy was already waiting for us at the port gate with the pizzas!)
  • free samples (dried fruit)
  • mad bread: leche leche + amazing pastry
  • easy - peaceful - all went as planned - last morning on the ship
  • luggage to use when all the plans changed 
  • callow's presence, support, kindness, generosity
  • kids creativity in the airport
  •  amy taylor's kind questions
  • proper mercy ships send off in the mcdonald's parking lot from andrea, briana & silke
  • kids & photo scavenger hunts
  • just the right first stop after leaving the ship
  •  time in bulgaria with the wells
  • beautiful views and cool air
  • kids' meals
  • a selfie with nick...because we can.
  •  fried zucchini and all kinds of other deliciousness at "friends"
  • reading the right book at the right time
  • the beall springs of bulgaria
  • picking cherries
  •  when you read something that is what you'd say/write if you had the ability to say it/write it in such a wonderful way
  • "thankfulness awakens you to My presence." -jesus calling
  • our God can be spoken to/worshipped in any language/tongue/dialect/accent.
  • knowing nick is in one of his favorite places (nature/water/creek)
  • having a true true friend waiting for me in columbus
  • lovely hikes in the woods
  • "can i help you translate?"  yes please! (and the connection made)
  • how much eli is enjoying the wells' kitten

15 June 2017

estoy agradecido

  • time on the bow
  • smooth sailing
  • cool breeze + bright sun + deck 7 + early morning
  • boys and their games of bang

  • listening to jae's testimony/story on the CCC podcast
  • party in reception!!
  • cool breeze + bright sun + deck 8 + late evening
  • one last sailing sunset and some much needed quiet time on deck 8

  •  esther & laurin's generous hospitality - they have drinks in their fridge for me
  • sitting with windsor in her favorite spot
  • new journal
  • girls in a tree

  • better than expected time playing legos
  • the dolphins made an appearance
  • biscotti (and the hope of making it someday)
  • first night of shore leave

  • safe sail
  • shelly's hospitality and generosity (and the way she has pretty much anything you're looking for)
  • ah...astican.
  • mad bread coffee & pastry

  •  all the wonderful memories of moments with special people stirred up by being back in las palmas
  • good-bye notes delivered
  • blueberries + strawberries + kiwi + cherries + nectarines + plums
  • perfectly placed punctuation.

11 June 2017


Once upon a time I didn't think I would ever have a daughter (much less 2 of them).  My main reason for this thinking?  I do not know how to fix hair.  Valid, I know.

Secondary reasons included (but are not limited to) the fact that I'm not only not into hair, I'm also not into make up or clothing either.  In addition, I rather like sports and jeans and simple.  And to top it all off, I don't do well with drama and complicated.

But God has trusted me with daughters and the braid the other day reminded me of that.
God has trusted me with daughters and I rather like it.  I've been realizing more and more that being a mom to girls doesn't have all that much to do with hair and make up and sports and jeans.  Yes, there is drama at times and it is complicated...but what relationship isn't?

God has trusted me with daughters...and one of the greatest privileges I've ever known is getting to speak Life and Truth into their hearts and lives (the very Truths I'm still learning):

  • they are more than what they eat or what size clothes they wear.
  • being healthy matters far more than being a certain size.
  • they are welcome to be who God has made them to be - regardless of who/what others around them are being.
  • they are strong and are free to be strong.
  • comparisons are stupid and comparing just leads to pride or jealousy...neither of which are very admirable character traits.
  • they are so loved and so valuable....by me...by their daddy...and, far more than they'll ever be able to comprehend, by their Creator and Father God.

God has trusted me with daughters, and they are wonderful women.  I am privileged to be their mother.  I hope when they grow up, they have daughters who are as wonderful as they are.

And come to find out, I'm not so bad at hair afterall.

The braids and such aren't perfect...but they are way better than I ever imagined they'd be...

I suppose that's much like mothering in general - far from perfect but way better than I ever imagined it would be...(good thing God was never expecting perfection!).

I don't always get it right...but God has trusted me with daughters and I am forever grateful.

What is He trusting you with?  daughters? sons? a  combination?

What is He trusting you with? the heartache of infertility? a  prolonged adoption process?

What is He trusting you with? something that has nothing to do with children...marriage...singleness...aging parents...big decisions...obedience in the ordinary...sickness...the loss of a valuable person in your life - by death or betrayal or circumstances...forgiveness...walking with people in any of the above situations...

I love that we can trust Him with whatever it is He is trusting us with...

08 June 2017

and on thursdays i post

  • being thanked for serving in reception in such a tasty way
  • diana bergstrom's intentional thoughtfulness
  • impromptu dance party lead by a 2 year old and a 4 year old

  •  karaoke laughter
  • monica's willingness to help emma turn a skirt into a dress
  • a friend who will cut up twix just for me

  • smooth sailing
  • lots of naps
  • when the Africa Mercy has some extra bling in the form of flags

  • podcasts to listen to when i'm running up and down the deck 3 hallway
  • ann-marie's leading of the contra dance
  • caroline's intensity

  • getting to talk to nick on the phone
  • madame secretary with laurin and esther
  • internet that, though it be slow, is allowing me to post this

01 June 2017

keeping on counting.

  • caramel slice.  so good. 
  • getting to hear about nick's day
  • just right good-bye party at the pool

  • KJ's "presence" at said party

  • andrea's cannonball

  • hearing emma hum and sing
  • God is with me in the relief and in the grief
  • another one of my mercy ships dreams came true - i got to be a victim in the fire drill :) 

  • "we grow most when we remove ourselves from the situation and go home...." - Deidra Riggs 
  • flip flops on the sail! (at least when we're inside)
  • one last family outing in benin

  • watching kids willingly serve
  • getting to message and talk with nick
  • hopefilled possibilities

25 May 2017

feeding on His faithfulness.

  • harmonizing with the "ohms" 
  • listening to an incredible sermon from Louie Giglio/Passion City Church:  fear must fall  
  • good advice that i wish the world would heed:

  • apricot bars (and rachel g. shared the recipe)
  • one last treat shared with krissy - a daim bar!
  • another piece of luggage loaded up and heading to the States with a generous crew member

  • miranda party in the queen's lounge
  • the little bit of time and effort that rach put in to create a memory for a room full of people.
  • the colors of the sea and sky as the storm came in this morning

  • the opportunity to help
  • knowing that someone finally feels heard
  • laurin's willingness to give us a deck 1 to funnel tour - making a mercy ship dream of mine come true!

  • crew mail box from erin!  
  • amazing news on mother's day and an absolutely wonderful christmas card in May.
  • african fabric bunting...and the generosity of the friend that made it possible. 

18 May 2017

always a good idea to be thankful

  • epic saturday - slept until nearly the afternoon, didn't get out of my pjs and didn't leave the cabin ALLLL day.
  • our stamps arrived
  • all things amy
  • new day, new mercies

  • successful cabin sale (nothing came back into the cabin...)
  • dreaming of eating at the picnic table 
  • nick's willingness to help the girls with planing and carrying out mother's day festivities
  • sweet and thoughtful words, deeds and food, including a fondant bear (not pictured :)) (the dry gin bottle is full of peanuts.  promise.)

  • usps finally came through and the piece of luggage finally made it
  • jamie's help to print the banners
  • early morning messaging that makes me laugh
  • my unstoppable friend in cameroon

  • irish whistles and harmonicas being played in 6318
  • story upon story of God's great faithfulness
  • "fresh new" smell (created by the new bed that we weren't expecting)
  • emma's field trip to see what the supply department does (she's the blue-hatted one looking at the tomatoes)

  • talking to beth on the phone
  • celebrating shea 
  • that molly remembers (and how that reminds me that God remembers)
  • johnson's kindness to bring a pizza by