12 January 2018

a friend on the Africa Mercy used this phrase to caption a picture on instagram once...
my heart is overwhelmed and in need of so much more of Heaven in my atmosphere. - mel toh
i love it.  i don't know if mel even knows how significant of a prayer that has become for me.  maybe i'll let her know. thought some of you might like it, too.

more heaven in our atmosphere, God.  more of You.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  come, Jesus, come.  Holy Spirit, you are welcome here....flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  

somewhere around 7,000

  • prayer week at CCC
  • roomful of kids listening to God  (thankful for the adults, too...just especially thankful for the emphasis put on helping our kids hear from the Lord)
  • a new to me - and really significant - African proverb.

  • everyone made it back safe and sound from the ski trip
  • emma's welcome home scavenger hunts for nick, eli and caroline 
  • african fabric library bag from her days in the academy on the AFM being used as a library bag here in the states (not sure if we were supposed to keep it...but they never asked for it back...and it's special to her...i don't think they mind :))

  • worship.  so good. 
  • teaching textbooks math + emma = happy math 
  • impromptu fire pit marshmallow roasting with the best of friends

  • fun dollar spot finds at target
  • finding the things i wanted at valley rescue...and then finding out that some of them are 1/2 price! 
  • painting rocks at the library

  • joylanefarm.com 
  • josh and katie's visit (and knowing they'll be back in a few weeks!)
  • not one but TWO nights of going through the KK drive-thru and getting a mixed dozen (extra thankful for the giftcard that made it possible!!)

  • testimonies and reminders that God is in control and HE IS GOOD (no matter the circumstances- HE IS GOOD!)
  • lockers! (now to figure out how/when to get them home!)
  • the outcome of football games has no impact on my worth and value. 

05 January 2018

wind CHILL factor.

Feeling the need to record this - mainly because I have a label called "learn something new everyday"...

I learned something new.

Wind-chill or windchill, is the perceived decrease in air temperature felt by the body on exposed skin due to the flow of air. Wind chill numbers are always lower than the air temperature for values where the formula is valid
For my entire existence I have thought it was "Wind Shield Factor."  Not entirely sure why - something about being cold and needing to shield yourself from the wind and cold - ...but wind shield is sure what I thought, that's what I said, that's what was in my mind.  Until the other day.

Wind Chill Factor makes so much more sense than Wind Shield Factor.

Makes me wonder what else I have wrong in my mind.  (though most anything has to be better than thinking "hide it under a bushel, NO!" was actually "hide it under a bush, hell no!" as a kid in Sunday School.)

That is all.

a bit of what He's pouring out...

  • new package of flair pens!
  • guests in everbe cottage
  • lapful of kitties

  • "we cannot contain what You pour out." He's so generous. 
  • sharp knives - wow...didn't know what i'd been missing
  • fireworks and friends for new year's eve

  • the chance to help nick with projects
  • lots and lots of time with Emma 
  • good reminder:

  • "do what makes you the most healthy, loving version of yourself." - maria goff
  • "i have a lot less than i did...but i still have plenty." - emma's comment after cleaning up/out her room
  • organization and labels

  • yaya's willingness to pinch hit and clean between cottage guests while we went to warrenton
  • day trip to warrenton - celebrating MaMa, papa's fried chicken, GA game
  • free movie at the Infantry Museum

29 December 2017

unexpected blog post drafts, living loved, and getting it from our heads to our hearts

i found a few blog post drafts that i had forgotten all about....finding drafts of blog posts is like finding $5 in your coat pocket when you put it on after it's been hanging in your closet for 3 seasons.  or like finding a mini-snickers in your purse that you thought you'd cleaned out (that happened today).  or realizing that you have more on a giftcard than you thought you did!  pure gift.  thought i'd share some of what i found...

this link is to an article all about head knowledge and heart knowledge and truly experiencing the Love God has for us.  the article meant alot to me when a friend shared it - and it meant alot to me when i re-read it earlier today.

this link is to an interview with brennan manning (he'd make my list of all time favorite humans if i was to make such a list) about living as God's beloved.
And THIS (the following 6 paragraphs) are some thoughts I shared with my friend who shared the first article with me...i'm not sure when i wrote this (sometime in the last 2-3 years while we were on the Africa Mercy - during one of our summers in Durban) but it's all still very much true. 

...that article resonates with me in so many different ways.  

i was waiting for a “quiet moment” to read the article- when i could give it my full attention and heart - because i had a feeling it was going to be special.  so i came in from my run this morning - (a super early run right on the beach here in durban..we carpool over there, run and get back in time for people to get ready for work) to a quiet cabin (it feels like a miracle when children are sleeping and it’s past 7:00am!).  so i showered and fixed a cup of coffee and sat with the Lord and this article.  

what kay wrote is so much of what i’ve felt/have been feeling.  i love it when God gives someone else words to help express what’s been in my head and heart - and, of course, it’s comforting to know that i’m not the only one thinking/feeling this way!!

that “how does it get from your head to your heart?” is such a recurring question.  i love how she used the phrase “the gift of a nervous breakdown.”  there have been moments when i’ve wondered if i’ve been close to something of that nature…i’m definitely feeling more broken than i can ever remember feeling…but i also feel more sure of His love and acceptance of me than i can ever remember feeling. 
i love that Love is here.  in the mess. in the real. in the good. in the bad. in the everything that is dianna...Love is here.  i still don't know how to fully live in it…but i’ll keep trusting. 

"Love believes in me…and it never lets me go.”  that’s beautiful!

maybe something in one of the links - or in my rambling words - made you think or caused you to ask questions or provided some peace or reassurance.  feel free to share any findings/questions/encouragement with me... diannacash@yahoo.com 

may we all experience the love of God today - in all of its mysterious, unfathomable fullness. 

christmas gifts.

  • finding some pretty decent blog drafts (we'll see what comes of it)
  • white cash christmas party
  • african fabric + flip flips + strong christmas lyrics
  • family + christmas
  • PJ christmas day
  • pallet star in georgia

  • kiwi christmas video and glowsticks
  • trying new recipes (twiced baked potatoes, sweet potato casserole - or souffle if you're fancy - and CARAMEL SLICE!)
  • papa took emma (with a panda bear hat on) fishing

  • christmas eve communion (especially that one line of the confession part: "our parents, children and friends receive our anger too often and our love too rarely."  followed by: "...we earnestly repent, and are sorry for this which deeply grieves You."  followed by: "You are forgiven.")
  • gifts from nick and the kids - useful, awesome, lovely, practical, thoughtful, special gifts
  • oranges + cloves (and memories)

  • operation "get the van back/see andrea one more time" was a success
  • the reminder that being a mother of 3 is my privileged stewardship (l. giglio sermon)
  • standing in prayer with friends in benin for a court date so that their daughter can legally become their daughter (and the bracelet reminder)

  • finding MaMa and Caroline playing bop-it
  • "if it's true you use broken things, here I am: use me...I'm all yours." - song lyrics in the van ride home from atlanta
  • michelle murrey's super awesome kind thoughtfulness - and how God consistently does immeasurably more...even when it comes to whirly pops!  

22 December 2017

gifts galore.

  • my very own appreciation breakfast (husbands, if you ever need ideas, i know a guy that could give you some ideas...goodness, i am one blessed wife.)
  • dinner at the newmans
  • nick's hard work and resourcefulness

  • "out of sheer generosity He put us in right standing with Himself, a pure gift.  He got us out of the mess we're in and restored us to where He always wanted us to be. And He did it by means of Jesus Christ." Romans 3:23-24 (msg) = CHRISTMAS
  • poppyseed chicken with stacia
  • brownies and lotsa toppings for a great group of middle schoolers

  • "out of sheer generosity He put us in right standing with Himself, a pure gift, He got us out of the mss we're in and restored us to where He always wanted us to be. And He did it by means of Jesus Christ." Romans 3:23-24 (msg) = CHRISTMAS
  • poppyseed chicken with stacia
  • fun and fabulous christmas lights (and getting to ride around with my family to look at them)

  • trader joe's treats
  • the way stacia interacts with my kids
  • our counters are in!
  • "do not fear your weakness, for it is the stage on which my power and glory perform most brilliantly." - jesus calling
  • impromptu lunch at CFA with 2 incredible friends. 
  • breakfast for dinner with poppa and the quintards (and traci's yummy delicious breakfast casserole)